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Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation Scholarship

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We are thrilled to announce the recipients of 2022 The Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation scholarships!

This year, the The Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation is supporting 6 full tuition scholarship awards for graduate students and early career researchers (post docs and junior faculty) interested in joining our intensive summer short course exploring the linkages between emotional well-being and physical health outcomes.


The Lee Kum Kee Family set up The Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation in 2008 with the mission of promoting happy family relationships. The Foundation advocates for “Prevention before Sickness” and trusts that awareness building and preventative actions before family sickness will help create a harmonious community, enabling healthy families to unlock their potential and give back to the community. The family foundation programming focuses on Intergenerational Solidarity, Family Well-Being, Child Well-Being, Happy & Healthy Ageing, and Family for SDGs.

2022 Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation Scholarship Recipients


Dr. Emmanuel A. Iyiegbuniwe


Dr. Emmanuel Iyiegbuniwe earned both MSPH and PhD degrees in Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences from the School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago and MBA from Western Kentucky University. He has 30 years of academic, administrative, and consulting experience, and served for three years as the inaugural Director of Public Health at California State University San Marcos. Dr. Iyiegbuniwe currently provides vision and leadership for CSUSM’s MPH program with two concentrations in Global Health and Health Promotion & Education. He teaches graduate courses and conducts research on various topics related to environmental determinants of public health.


Dr. Feifei Bu


Dr. Feifei Bu is a senior research fellow in Statistics/Epidemiology from the Social Biobehavioural Research Group at the University College London. Her research is generally on the impact of social and cultural factors (e.g. social relationship, arts engagement) on physical and mental health. She is experienced in using administrative data in epidemiology and public health research. She has a strong interest in statistical methods, including panel data analysis, multilevel modelling, survival analysis, and structural equation modelling etc.


Dr. Hei Wan (Karen) Mak


Dr. Hei Wan (Karen) Mak is a research fellow at the UCL Department of Behavioural Science and Health and at the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre on Arts and Health.


Karen is interested in exploring how arts and cultural community engagements are associated with improvements in mental health/wellbeing and identifying the profile of arts/cultural engagers across the UK. Her work involves partnerships with Arts Council England, Historic England, What Works Centre for Wellbeing, and the Social Prescribing Network. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Karen joined the UCL COVID-19 Social Study team to understand the predictors and patterns of home-based arts and cultural engagements.


Dr. Jie (Jane) Zhao


Dr. Zhao is an Assistant Professor at University of Hong Kong interested in etiology of chronic diseases, and has been focusing on the potential causes and modifiable drivers of chronic diseases. Dr. Zhao is experienced in applying Mendelian randomization, a study design which uses genetic variants as instrument in observational studies, to identify dietary factors and medications as targets for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Dr. Zhao is also using randomized controlled trial and in charge of a randomized controlled trial as an independent principal investigator, to assess the role of Chinese medicine in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in Hong Kong.


Dr. Jingmin Zhu


Dr. Jingmin Zhu is a research fellow in Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at UCL. She obtained her PhD in health economics. She is currently working on COVID-19 Longitudinal Health and Wellbeing National Core Study. She is interested in health determinants, mental health and health behavioural science.


Lucinda Tsunga


Lucinda is passionate about helping others and is able to do so in her capacity as a budding Neuropsychologist in South Africa. She also has research interests in health and psychology which she is pursuing through a dual Doctorate degree with the University of Bristol and the University of Cape Town. Her PhD project is investigating childhood violence exposure and cognitive, behavioural and early learning outcomes in a South African longitudinal cohort. She would like to share her skills and experience through teaching as she would like to share her passion and contribute to raising mental health awareness.

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