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Emotional Well-Being and Physical Health Summer Short Course Tuition Fellowship

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We have many full-tuition fellowships available. The awards will support early career researchers – post docs and junior faculty (Assistant Professors or equivalent) -- interested in joining our intensive summer short course exploring the linkages between emotional well-being and physical health outcomes. In some cases we will consider more advanced doctoral and health professional students. The course is jointly hosted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Research Department of Behavioural Science and Health at University College London (UCL). The 2024 course will be held in person on Harvard University's campus in Cambridge, MA, July 15-19, 2024.


The Network for Emotional Well-being and the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies are each offering 4 tuition fellowships awards intended for underrepresented scholars. Underrepresented scholars are defined as people who have a disability or are from a disadvantaged background. Please see NIH’s definition of individuals with a disability and/or from a disadvantaged background


Another generous sponsor is offering fellowship awards for additional scholars.


All fellowship awardees will be responsible for all costs associated with travel, accommodation, and related incidental expenses.

The Network for Emotional Well-Being: Science, Practice, and Measurement, is a collaborative project between UCSF, UC Berkeley, and Harvard, that brings together leading experts to create a cohesive transdisciplinary network of scientists interested in emotional well-being. Their goal is to enhance empirical rigor and consensus around the conceptual definition and measurement approaches, to promote synergy across methods and study paradigms, and to catalyze mechanistic intervention-related relevant research that can yield reliable pathways for improving emotional well-being. 

The Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies is a Harvard University cross-school, interfaculty initiative, that works to advance science in population research, with a mission of improving well-being around the world by better understanding the interaction of demographic changes with social and economic development. Their goal is to produce population-based evidence that will better inform policies needed to create healthy and resilient societies. They strive to conduct research, dissemination and public engagement that will enable societies to be more responsive to demographic transitions in terms of policies and culture change. 


NOTE: You do not need to apply for the summer short course and tuition fellowships separately. You will opt-in for consideration for a fellowship as part of the summer short course application and submit any additional information at the same time. If you are not selected to receive a tuition fellowship, you can still be accepted into the course and join at your own expense.


Application Requirements:

  • Complete the application form

  • On the application form, please indicate that you are also applying for a tuition fellowship, and submit any additional information requested.


Reporting Requirements:

  • Six months after completing the course, you will be asked to provide a short essay that outlines how the course has influenced your work, and how you’re using what you learned. Guidelines for the essay will be distributed after fellows are selected.

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