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Through this course we will provide attendees with a systematic and rigorous overview of the relationship between positive emotional well-being and physical health, drawing on a variety of empirical methods with careful consideration of measurement issues.


Who Should Apply?

The course targets junior scholars (postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty), early career researchers, and doctoral level graduate students in epidemiology, social science, medicine, psychology or related areas, as well as those involved in policy decisions. However, academics of all levels are welcome to apply. Each year, we anticipate accepting approximately 40 applicants to attend the course. This relatively small number will help ensure that students have sufficient time for interacting in a meaningful way with their peers and with the course faculty. All teaching will be in English, so course participants should be fluent and comfortable communicating and reading in English.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying to participate in the course, please submit an online application. Before applying, please confirm that you meet the following minimum requirements for attending:

(1) enrolled in a relevant doctoral, medical, or other health professional degree program or have completed a doctoral degree in a relevant field (in some cases, relevant work experience may be considered in place of a doctoral degree) and

(2) evidence of relevant policy, research, or academic experience.

In addition to providing contact information, applicants will be asked to upload supporting documents; we suggest preparing these ahead of time. These include:

  • An updated CV 

  • A brief statement (300 words max) outlining how their work applies to this course and how they would benefit from the course material. 

Apply Now!

Applications Due Tuesday, April 2, 2024


Course Fees

The 2024 course will be held in Cambridge, MA and tuition will be $2,500.


Tuition costs will cover course participation, course materials, and any course activities (such as coffee and evening receptions). This does not include the cost of travel, meals, incidentals, and lodging. 

We have many tuition fellowships available for the 2024 course, which you can apply to as part of the course application. Find more information on fellowships here.


Applicants who are graduate students and/or from low- and middle-income countries are eligible to apply for a tuition discount. Those who are interested in applying for this discount will have an opportunity to do so as part of the course application.

Full tuition rate: $2,500                   Discounted tuition rate: $1,500

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